Talentum Podcast // Daily life

Talentum Podcast // Daily life

Kedves Podcast Hallgató! // Dear Podcast Listener!

This podcast is about DAILY LIFE. You can listen to it. You can find our transcript under the podcast – it can help you in better understanding.

Enjoy your English minutes!

M: Hi again people. Today topic is about Daily life.

V: That is right. As you may know, a healthy daily lifestyle is a vital part of our lives. There are many things that we must do to live a healthy life or to create healthy daily habits that stick.

M: Yes. The first thing to do is to ensure that you eat at least three meals a day. Eat more veggies than carbs and vary between fish and meat. Reserve the fast food for the weekends or for a special occasion like someone’s birthday. You know there will be cake and sweets!

V: Don’t forget your water consumption too!

The next thing is to exercise daily to maintain a fixed habit. This can be jogging, running, playing sports, dancing, or even walking for a minimum of 30 minutes. Exercise is essential not only for physical health but also for your mental health, as it clears your mind.

M: For a healthy daily life, you should also get the right amount of sleep at night. The proper routine is to sleep early and wake up early, with a 7-8 hour period of rest. It is crucial to get enough sleep, but not too much or too little, as it can affect your concentration and your abilities.

V:A healthy daily lifestyle also helps you live longer and have a better and happier life. It is essential to make a habit of trying to live a healthy life day by day to make the best out of it.

M:Daily life is an important topic because it describes the everyday life of the person in question and the activities that the person performs or do during the day or as the dictionary says, daily means done, produced, or occurring every day.

V:Right. Everybody has a daily routine to follow. Yet, not all routines are the same. There is the student routine, the worker routine, the retired, the elder routine, well even the baby or the child routine is valid and our pets too.

M: Nowadays, the daily life we know it’s not the same as the one we knew before, and that is of course due to the coronavirus outbreak. Usually a students day would start with waking up, getting ready for school, having breakfast and take the bus, catch a ride from their parents or walk until the school. All of this done into a bit of hurry. On the weekends, their time was divided between doing sports, rest or meeting friends for a meal or to go see a movie.

V: Nowadays it looks more like waking up, going to the kitchen to take breakfast,  going back to their room or the the living room, turn on the computer and enroll yourself into the first online lesson of the day. And the same goes for a working person but instead of enrolling into an online lesson, they have a full working day online schedule ahead to perform.

M: Yes.It’s safe to say that zoom, the google hang outs and other online applications are replacing the office and the school room in a way. Even the Christmas office lunch or dinners, or get together during this time are now all online. People are gathering with their plate of food in front of the computer so they can eat all together at the same time.

V:However, we must remember to balance our online school lessons and our work at home. Our days more than ever, must have a separation between the two, the work and the leisure or just take small breaks between shifts.

M: Right. It’s important to leave the house with our mask on and just go for a walk or exercise around your neighborhood or just do something for yourself that does not involve sitting and looking at a computer screen. Feeling happy also plays a big part in our daily life routine. To enable happiness, thinking positively is a must.

V: Morning and evening routines lead you to the road of success. First, let’s define what routine means: A routine is a sequence of actions that you do repeatedly. They help you achieve more, think clearly, and do work that actually matters. They keep you from stumbling through your day and make sure you get the most important things done. All it takes is a bit of discipline, along with routines that will set you up for success and happiness.

M: Happiness can be, for example chatting with your friends or your relatives that live far from you, since the options to meet them after school or work are now limited or happiness can also be joining some zumba lesson online to blow out some steam or join a more creative one, like learn how to do digital drawing. 

V: Don’t forget guys, connection is important and this is one way of us not losing it. To finish, we believe that the close of each day is just as important as the start. By implementing evening routines, you get yourself ready for the next morning, recharging with a restful night, and minimize the resistance you encounter in getting things done. It’s important to turn off the electrical devices, make some calming tea, like chamomile or lavender or read just some pages of a book so you can have a more peaceful night.

M: Thanks for listening and see you next time!

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